An interactive mobile experience which brings Geopark visitors an authentic adventure of history and allows them to see the million- year-old Dackel live. 





In the Grenz-Welten Geopark visitors can discover the geological, historical and cultural development on the eastern edge of the Rothaargebirge. The Geopark project opens up the geotouristic potential of the region and serves the sustainable regional development.

Creative and strategic approach

Issue #1

The Grenz-Welten Geopark shows geological, historical and cultural development in a traditional way. Visitors can explore history of the Korbach Column in the information pavilion, with limited options to get an authentic experience of it.

Issue #2

The goal is to bring the past to life and closer to visitor, especially the youngest.


Solution #1

We turned printed posters into a mobile user-friendly App which creates a high-end and unique user experience. The Korbach Column has become interactive.

Solution #2

Immersive technology. Wide range of custom-made solutions based on using an immersive technologies, especially augmented reality (AR).

Visitors can decide whether they would like to see the "Korbach Dachshund" in an augmented reality 3D simulation or would prefer to experience the creation of the Korbach Gap up close in a 2D simulation.

Creative and strategic approach
Creative and strategic approach

Solution #3

One scan away easy and quick interactivity with a dynamic QR code. Users can scan the QR code in the Korbach Column information pavilion with a smartphone or tablet. Call to action and QR code design are completely customised to the brand.

Solution #4

Multimedia. High-end marketing tool with a wide range of different content formats: video, hologram, URL links, animation, audio.

Example: History timeline explanation with visual and audio-based storytelling. Now visitors can experience the development of the Korbach Gap up close in a 2D simulation.


Brands using augmented reality and QR codes are capturing new value from audiences using their cameras to search and shop as we enter a new era of camera commerce.


Get insights into your target audience behaviour and make future marketing campaigns more efficient than ever before.

Results: In a one-year period, almost 1,700 scans were generated by Grenz-Welten Geopark visitors.

Creative and strategic approach
Creative and strategic approach


Grab your phone, check out the experience and get an idea of your brand communication tool.

You can enter the experience only via smart phone.

Creative and strategic approach