This high-end interactive 3D model of the city of Brilon is unique in Germany and represents one of the most important exhibits of the Museum Haus Hövener.

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About the client: The Haus Hövener Museum is a German local history museum in the Brilon city. The museum is located in the protected historical Hövener House. The house has a total of 24 rooms, in which they represent the more than hundred years of history of the city of Brilon, permanent and other exhibitions. The museum has a modern approach to development using new technologies to continuously improve the user experience.

Creative and strategic approach

Issue #1

How to improve the user experience of exploring 3D model of the city of Brilon?
Starting point: Visitors can search for street names, buildings, churches, etc. By clicking on a point of interest users can see photos and descriptions of the building. The 3D model is illuminated and equipped with a projector, which unfortunately no longer works.

Issue #2

How to provide a modern user experience while exploring the most significant buildings from history which no longer exist?


Solution #1

Native iOS application for iPad users.

High-end interactive mobile experience with interactive 3D model of the city of Brilon.
The new mobile experience offers a very lively historical tour of buildings, even houses that no longer exist.
From now on, visitors of the Museum Haus Hövener can explore the old city of Brilon in a new way. They can view houses from different perspectives, rotate or scale the map and tap on the buildings to see details.

Solution #2

A high-end solution using augmented reality (AR) allows users to view and explore four significant buildings in their real environment.
With this interactive app they can even imagine that they have gone more than 100 years back in time to experience real history. It is available to users of all devices and platforms, without downloading the app.

Creative and strategic approach
Creative and strategic approach

Solution #3

A custom and unique solution which brings new ways of exploring history.

Photo gallery: Users can view interesting photos of houses and explore the history and people who lived in houses.

3D model of the city: A custom-made 3D model of the entire city based on reference photos.

3D model of houses: A custom-made 3D model of the four most significant buildings from the city of Brilon that no longer exist.

QR code: A custom-designed QR code that allows visitors to view and explore a 3D model of the house on his phone.


Brands using augmented reality and QR codes are capturing new value from audiences using their cameras to search and shop as we enter a new era of camera commerce.



3D model of Brilon with an old and loud projector that often breaks down.
An interface that is outdated, poorly responsive and not user-friendly.
The whole user experience is unattractive and unadapted to the modern user.


High-end mobile experience with interactive 3D model of the Brilon. The most significant buildings can be admired in real space with augmented reality.
A modern screen display on the wall above the model.
A tablet with an interactive user interface for map manipulation. User-friendly connectivity with the user's phone via QR code.

Creative and strategic approach
Creative and strategic approach


See and explore four of the most significant buildings from Brilon in the comfort of your own room.

Turn on a camera app on your phone. Point it at the QR code and hold steady.
Tap the pop-up link.
Tap the CTA button ‘Live 3D model – Hier klicken’.
Explore the building in real environment.

You can enter the experience only via smart phone.

Creative and strategic approach