The latest interactive map and digital 'tourist backpack' for one of the biggest Geopark areas in Germany.




About the client: The Geopark GrenzWelten is a Geopark in which visitors can discover the geological, historical and cultural development on the eastern edge of the Rothaargebirge. The Geopark project opens up the geotouristic potential of the region and serves the sustainable regional development.

Creative and strategic approach

Issue #1

Save time while exploring architecture, hiking, and biking trails in the German regions. Explore the map, put your must-see list in the virtual tourist backpack, scan the QR code and save the content for your next Geopark visit.

Issue #2

Traditional Geopark institution on the way to efficient interactive communication, even for younger generations.


Solution #1

Web App

A web-based interactive map provides a modern and more efficient way of exploring traditional-based content.

Solution #2

User can reach virtual tourist backpack by scaning a QR code with his smartphone. The call to action and QR code design are completely customised to the brand.

Creative and strategic approach
Creative and strategic approach

Solution #3

Multimedia: A Custom and unique solution, which brings new ways of exploring history and sets the brand one step ahead of the competition.

2D animation is completely adapted to the web-based design.

Interactive map: Each region and tourist spot on the map is clickable, allowing users to explore and plan their trip.

Illustration: Custom illustrations of the 1-millionyear-old Dackel dinosaur works as a personal tourist guide.

Photo gallery: Users can explore spots and trails through inspiring content.


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Creative and strategic approach
Creative and strategic approach